A TOURIST in Greece has warned of large crowds and people ignoring face masks at some of the popular hotspots.

Travel influencer Katie Giorgadze, currently on holiday on the island of Santorini with her partner, was met by large groups of people when trying to take a picture at sunset.

Along with hordes of other travellers, the couple headed to Oia Castle, the popular location to watch the sun go down – and were met by crowds failing to social distance and barely any face masks.

The 27-year-old told Insider that while she knew it would be busy, locals had said that the island was working at just 50 per cent capacity, meaning it would be much quieter than usual.

On arrival, however, were people already lining up to take pictures.

She explained: "I was very shocked by the number of people at the location.

"If it wasn't busy for locals, I can hardly imagine how busy it was in previous years." 

She continued: "Not a lot of travellers were wearing masks.

"That's why we decided to stay a little bit separately and to wait for the sun to disappear behind the horizon."

After the sun had gone down, the crowds quickly dispersed, leaving the small pathway much emptier.

Santorini has new coronavirus restrictions in place after the infection rate across Greece has increased – with 8,987 total cases – which includes curfews for bars and clubs between midnight and 7am.

According to local media, authorities on the island have been handing out free face masks to tourists to keep new infections low, with police moving on any large crowds.

However, Ms Giorgadze added she felt safe for the rest of her trip, with staff wearing masks at the hotel – although added that she felt even safer in Italy, where they had previously visited as part of their road trip.

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She explained: "All the places we visited felt extremely empty no matter whether we were in small villages or big cities. We really felt like we were the only tourists."

Comparing the restrictions in Greece and Italy, she warned they were "much more relaxed" in the former, as face masks are not enforced on tourists in public spaces.

However, both Italy and Greece are on the UK's safe list as, while both are seeing a rise in daily infections, remain low enough to stay off the UK quarantine list for now.

The UK government, using data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) put any country on the watch list if their new daily cases go above 20 per 100,000 population over seven days.

Italy is currently at 10 – less than the UK – while Greece is at 14.9.

Travel restrictions can change at short notice, however, so Brits are advised not to book trips far in advance, and be wary that quarantine measures can be enforced with little warning.

Greece and Turkey have remained off the quarantine list, with Switzerland expected to be next to be removed from the safe list.

Spain, France, Malta and Croatia have all been removed in recent weeks due to coronavirus spikes.

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