There are unspoken rules about what you can take from hotel rooms – and what you can't.

The bed's mattress? A definite no-no; but that isn't stopping guests. In fact, research has shown that five-star hotels have a real problem with guests stealing the mattresses from their rooms.

German travel firm Wellness Heaven surveyed 1,157 hoteliers from around the world, and found that mattresses in five-star hotels were 8.1 times more likely to get stolen.

We imagine they're comfortable, but they're very much not up for grabs. In fact, a missing mattress can leave the hotel having to fork out thousands of euros to replace it.

Staff have been left bewildered upon discovering the missing mattresses – and just how guests are managing it unnoticed out of the hotel remains a mystery.

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However, some hoteliers have a theory, telling Wellness Heaven that the mattress theft only tends to happen during the night, so they suspect that guests are using the lifts which lead directly to the underground parking.

Still, that involves getting the mattress out of the hotel room, down the corridor and into the lift, without being spotted, and then actually getting it into the car.

So hotel staff still aren't sure just how guests are managing it.

Mattresses aren't the only part of the bed being stolen. Some luxury hotels have been victims of theft for quite unusual items including a grand piano, sauna benches and even the room numbers from the doors.

The research also unveiled the top stolen items from hotel rooms which also included blankets and pillows, as well as other amenities including towels and bathrobes.

In fact, towels are the most commonly stolen items from hotel rooms. Yes, they're fluffy and cosy, but just like the mattresses they can be costly to replace, and hotels are highly likely to charge you for the cost if yours goes missing.

Let's be honest, there are limits as to what you can take from hotels; a mattress is very different to taking the little hand soap you've already used (the latter is likely to be thrown out when you leave anyway).

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