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SEVEN passengers were hospitalised after a Hawaiian Airlines flight suffered a "seal failure" during the flight, leading to smoke filling the cabin.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 47, an Airbus A321neo flying from Oakland, California, was about 20 minutes away from its scheduled noon landing in Honolulu when an emergency was declared.

Due to the failed seal, oil leaked onto the hot plane engine and the AC unit which led to smoke in the cabin.

An in-flight emergency was then declared, with the aircraft landing at Honolulu Airport.

Passengers evacuated on the eight emergency slides and were met by medical staff and fire crew on the tarmac.

American Medical Response spokesman James Ireland said 11 people complained of breathing problems with another seven taken to hospital.

Of the seven hospitalised passengers, two children were transported to local medical services.

The remaining 177 passengers and seven crew members were transported to the airport by bus.

Passenger Linda Puu told Star Advertiser it smelt like "plastic burning".

She added that they were told to get into the emergency position and she was "praying" while landing.

Jon Snook, Hawaiian Airlines chief operating officer, told USA Today that passengers would be fully refunded for their tickets as well as be given a voucher for future travel.

In a statement on Twitter, Hawaiian Airlines explained: "Hawaiian Airlines flight HA47 from Oakland to Honolulu, carrying 184 passengers and seven crew, arrived at 11:36 a.m about 20 minutes after an in-flight emergency was declared due to reports of smoke in the cargo hold and cabin.

"We have since determined that a seal failed in the aircraft's left engine, causing oil to leak onto hot parts of the plane's engine and air conditioning pressurisation system, resulting in smoke in the cabin.

"The performance of the engine was not affected, and the Airbus A321neo flight landed without incident on runway 4R.

"First responders met the aircraft upon arrival, and emergency slides were deployed to assist in an evacuation.

" Seven passengers were transported to local hospitals due to smoke-related symptoms.

"All other passengers and the crew, who deplaned and were transported via bus to a terminal, have been reunited with their belongings."
They added: "We sincerely apologise to our passengers for this incident, and thank them, as well as first responders and airport officials, for their cooperation and assistance in a swift and safe evacuation.

"We are conducting a thorough inspection of the aircraft before returning it to service."

Earlier this month, a similar situation occurred on a British Airways flight after the cabin filled with smoke.

The plane manage an emergency landing in Valencia with three passengers taken to hospital.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Hawaii Airlines for additional comment.

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