HOTELS have blasted the government's decision to enforce a 10pm curfew, which includes their own restaurants and bars.

A number of hotels are now offering in-room services to get around the curfew, which include cocktails classes, film screenings and even hand-delivered doughnuts.

The government has enforced a country-wide curfew, which means pubs, restaurants and bars have to close by 10pm.

While hotels are able to stay open, food and drink cannot be served past the curfew.

Robin Hutson, who owns the Pig Hotels, said: "This curfew is just a totally unnecessary measure. The Government really does need to think about the consequences of this – it will push some businesses off the edge."

Instead, guests must head back to their bedrooms – and so hotels are taking the service to them.

Hotels such as The University Arms in Cambridge and The Hari in London are taking drinks trolleys with wines, beers and cocktails to each room, where guests can choose something that takes their fancy.

Guests who are peckish can get puddings such as Nutella-filled doughnuts or ice cream delivered if staying at The Mitre in Hampton Court, while One Aldwych, London has champagne and canapes pre-curfew, along with coffee and sweets post-curfew.

Some are going one further and offering experiences and entertainment – The Balmoral's 'Curfew Club' lets you opt for a film night with your chosen movie, popcorn, pizza and a bucket of beer delivered to your door, while The Chesterfield, London has mixology classes so you can make the cocktails yourself while in your dressing gown.

The UK government is facing intense pressure to scrap the 10pm curfew after just 30 outbreaks were linked to pubs and restaurants across England last week.

The 30 hospitality-linked “outbreaks” — a term which can mean as little as one person being affected by coronavirus — were revealed in Public Health England stats released on Friday.They accounted for 3.3 per cent of the 918 total outbreaks recorded over the past week.

In comparison, there were 325 outbreaks in schools, colleges and universities, a further 172 in care homes and 47 in hospitals.

More than 20 hotels have signed up to HOSPA's "Sleep Over to Help Turnover" scheme.

Similar to the government-backed "Eat Out to Help Out," scheme, hotels are offering freebies including room upgrades, booze and meals to encourage people to book.

Here is the full list of hotels which have signed up, as well as what they are offering guests.

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