A FORMER Disney cast member has revealed some secrets of the jobs – including how they often gave out freebies to some of the guests.

Going by the name u/fantasmicrat on Reddit, they answered questions from Disney fans about things they may not have realised about the job.

Having worked in the Magic Kingdom, one thing they said they often did was give out snacks and drinks for free.

A Reddit user asked: "Are cast allowed to pull occasional special favors for guests to maintain the 'magic'?"

The ex-Disney worker said in the replies: "Cast members of any role can do different types of magic moments for guests.

"I gave out food all of the time: meals, slushies, dessert, etc. Anything I could do to add a little more magic!"

It wasn't just food and drink either – saying other people could give out their own extra perks for free.

They continued: "Attractions cast members can give out fast passes/get people ahead in line, custodians (and other cast members) often carry around stickers, sometimes merch can be given out, etc.

"Guest relations has so much power in terms of magical moments, but all cast members are definitely allowed (and encouraged) to go above and beyond for the guests.

"We were never given a limit or specific amount we could give out, as long as it was to help the guest have a great experience."

One part they didn't love about the job? The singing to guests during their birthdays.

Someone else asked on the thread: "I've been to Disneyland Paris a couple times. At the restaurants, the cast sometimes does this thing when they sing for you when it's your birthday.

"Now, here's my question: Do they also do that at Walt Disney World? If so, don't you think it's an awkward thing to do?"

The former cast member replied: "Yes we do it.

"Yes it’s super f****** awkward especially when you’re SCREAMING the song at guests, kinda fun tho lowkey!"

Another thing to know about in the park is the secret menu – which you can find as long as you know what to ask for.

If you want to save money while at the park, you are best advised to take your own food.

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