A PUBLIC divorce between Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana continues to rage on the couple fight out their separation.

One of the biggest disagreements between the two include what to do with the £350m superyacht Luna after it was stuck in Dubai following legal proceedings – we take a look inside to see what it is like.

The yacht was built for another Russian billionaire in 2010 – Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich.

He then sold it to his close friend Farkhard in 2014, who spent another $50m (£38m) refitting it.

However, it has been stranded in Dubai until yesterday after Farkhard fought a UK court order which meant his wife owned it.

The boat is the third largest explorer yacht in the world, measuring 115m – only beaten by Octopus, owned by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's estate, and Ulysses, owned by New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart.

On the outside, an open deck along with a swimming pool is part of Luna's entertainment area as well as a bar and two helicopter landing pads.

The beach club has two platforms which fold out to create open-air platforms on the starboard side of the yacht, with no TVs so the view is unobstructed.

The ship owner's suite features a private terrace facing over the front of the ship, along with a large glass panel above the bed.

There are also 10 VIP suites, as well as one mini submarine.

The luxury inside comes from the spa, which features a sauna, plunge pool, steam bath and gym.

It is also one of the safest places to be – bulletproof windows, anti-missile systems, bomb resistant doors and anti-drone systems are just some of the defence measures on the ship.

With a 50-man crew on board, passengers will be wanting for nothing during the excursion.

The private suite has the view of the sea and the sky

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