Owen adds that self-isolation has been great for his creativity and he's been writing songs "like every day."

The singer’s sixth studio album, Greetings from … Jake, was released last year and features vocals from Kid Rock and Lele Pons. Next, he was set to join Lady Antebellum on their 2020 Ocean Tour, which has been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Owen reveals he doesn't mind the break from tour life.

"I don't feel like a caged animal," he says on the podcast. "I almost feel sometimes on the road like I'm a circus animal that's in a cage that, come showtime, they open up the cage, and you go out into the arena and you go do your little thing and then all of a sudden they're like 'Okay!' … and the tour manager walks his animal back to the cage and they shut the door and then they roll you to the next city and you get out and do it again."

He continues: "I haven't been this happy in 15 years, which is weird to say in a time like now, but … I'm hoping with this virus and everything that's happening is that it breeds that same love and energy into people of understanding that life is fragile and … let's start taking care of everyone around us more."

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