Kelsea Ballerini is taking the term “album drop” quite literally!

The country singer, who released her self-titled album on Friday, had some surprises in store for some lucky fans as she celebrates her newest project from home.

“Like I said earlier, we’re getting a little creative with this album … drop,” says the 26-year-old star — referring to the prevalence of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic — in a new YouTube video.

The video clip shows several fans receiving copies of the new album — delivered by drone.

“Has anyone gotten anything that has just fallen out of the sky?” she asks.

Ballerini also sent an Instagram message to another fan: “You should be receiving a delicious delivery to your doorstep.”

“So I just got this delivered to the door,” says one fan as she opens a box of pizza. “Thank you so much Kelsea and your team for sending this!”

Ballerini opened up about kelsea in this the latest issue of PEOPLE — even revealing that her song “Needy” is about husband Morgan Evans.]

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“I think as we’ve settled into marriage we’ve hit kind of the comfortable phase. I’m so independent by nature; I like to be able to be self-sufficient,” she says. “Now I’m finally like, ‘Needing someone else is not you being codependent.’ It’s a real vulnerability that I’ve had to get to, to allow myself to get there. But that’s why I love that song so much.”

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“It’s like, it’s also the windows-down song on the album; it feels like a breezy, sunny day — but the meaning of it is just saying like, ‘All right, my guard’s down. I need you,’” she adds.

Her new album also features collaborations Kenny Chesney and Halsey and a song co-written by Ed Sheeran.

“I wrote this song as a duet and played it for her at her house,” Ballerini says of her collab with Halsey. “She was able to relate to it: We’ve both been in relationships where we’ve been cheated on. It was so fun.”

Ballerini’s new album kelsea is out now.

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