Music duo LOCASH will be the first to admit that the type of country music they produce doesn’t sound the same as the genre did 30 years ago. And they’re okay with that.

“People are really starting to be way more open-minded with music and letting it in,” Chris Lucas tells PEOPLE. “It’s not the same country that your grandparents listened to. There’s the roots from it, of course, but millennials are open-minded to all types of music.”

“Every generation has that music that sits right on the edge,” Preston Brust adds before pointing out that even during the ’70s, “Willie Nelson was considered progressive.”

“It’s cool to be part of the ever-changing sound of country,” Brust continues.

The pair recently partnered with Pepsi for their Tailgate Tour, where they perform at both NFL and college football games, from the New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Thursday Night matchup to the Army vs. Navy rivalry in December. Their stadium tour came on the heels of a new single, released in August called “Feels Like a Party,” which is a happy go-lucky track that will make you want to dance. For them, this single was the soundtrack for infusing country music into the football experience.

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“It’s like, aw, man, summer is over, but people still party,” Lucas says. “It’s football season, are you kidding me?”

“It’s one of those songs where you can’t help but smile,” he adds. “It’s a ditty to us, but it’s a ditty to us that just has the ear candy. Let’s just forget about everything for a second and party. It’s really that simple.”

In August, the duo also signed with a major record label, and will be releasing a new album in January 2019, which will include a number of songs that were produced by Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard.

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“It’s going to have a cool edge to it with some new sonic influences,” Brust says. “It’s not too different, but we freshened up the album a little for the new label.”

“There’s a lot of monster hits on this next album,” Lucas teases.

The singers found fame quickly after their song “I Love This Life” played on NashFM radio in New York City, and from that day forward, they’ve been advocates for bringing country music across America, even though they’re both true southerners.

“To be able to say that New York City broke a country song, that’s amazing,” Brust says. “New York City had a country baby, and they named it LOCASH.”

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As for where their name came from? Brust says he and his friends came up with the name in high school, and once he met Lucas, they shared the same values so the band name made sense.”We didn’t have very much money and the best things in life are free,” Brust says.

“It’s more of a mentality,” Lucas adds. “We all have broke mentalities because we’ve been broke. But we work hard, have perseverance, and we remember where we came from. That’s what LOCASH means.”

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