MARTIN Lewis has given his best tips on how to reduce the cost of your summer holiday this year.

Many families know how expensive it can be to travel during the peak summer months, and the money saving expert has revealed easy ways to save the pennies.

Going abroad in July and August is one of the most expensive times of year to travel.

This is due to the increased demand when schools break up for the summer, and is one of the few times families can go on holiday together.

This also means flights and hotels go up in cost due to "dynamic pricing" which means the higher the demand or the less availability, the higher the cost.

Explaining his best tips to the Liverpool Echo, here are some of Martin's money-saving pieces of advice.

Travel in the last two weeks of the summer holiday

Trying to decide when to go away during the six weeks? Research has shown that the end of the holiday is the cheapest time.

ABTA told Money Saving Expert that prices drop at the end of August and the beginning of September.

We looked at the cost of a seven night holiday to Majorca in August, comparing the first week to the last week.

A week with the family at one resort, according to On The Beach, would cost up to £840 per person during the first week, while it dropped to £643 in the last week.

Check the holiday dates in other countries

Booking a resort holiday abroad could change in price depending on the school holidays in that country.

For example in Florida, while dates can vary, the summer vacation for school kids can run from May to mid-August.

Families looking to book a trip to Disney World, therefore should look to booking in the later weeks of the summer holidays.

Most popular holiday destinations in Europe such as France and Spain run for much longer than British summer holiday, often around 11 weeks so it is worth checking them before travelling too.

Fly from a different airport in the UK

Changing your airport can also make a difference.

One woman told the newspaper how she saved "thousands" by flying from Glasgow to Crete despite living near Heathrow Airport.

She said: "The same hotel, board and dates flying from Gatwick was over £2,000 more."

If you can't quite face travelling that far, then it can be worth checking nearby airports, such as comparing Manchester to Leeds, or London to Bristol.

Martin Lewis has also explained whether it is best to pay in local currency or pounds when abroad, with the former often being the best deal.

According to Skyscanner, you can save up to 29 per cent off your summer holiday depending on which week you book.

We've rounded up the best summer holiday 2020 deals including Florida and the Caribbean.

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