A funny thing happened on the way to the World Economic Forum for Matt Damon.

The actor fell victim to a common air travel mishap, but it didn’t dampen his spirits.

When he arrived at the Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday to discuss his charitable organization Water.org, the Oscar winner announced that he was wearing his co-founder Gary White’s clothes because Damon’s luggage didn’t arrive when he did.

At a panel hosted by Bloomberg, the moderator asked Damon and White, who have made it their mission to provide worldwide access to safe drinking water, how they met.

“The relationship has developed to the point where I’m wearing Gary’s clothes right now, because Swiss Air lost my bags,” Damon said while laughing and patting White on his knee. “So we’ve come a long way.”

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Damon sported a red v-neck sweater over a white collared shirt with a black sports jacket on top—all of which he borrowed from White.

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However, Damon didn’t seem to hold any grudges against the airline during the conference, as he continued laughing and discussed his philanthropy, telling Bloomberg that Water.org has transformed the lives of more than 16 million people so far by providing clean water and sanitation.

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“It underlines everything,” Damon said. “All these issues of extreme poverty are affected by it. It really touches everything. You can’t solve any of these problems we’re talking about today — gender equality, climate change, all of these things — water touches all of them.”

A representative for Swiss Air said they were made aware of the case and the matter has been resolved.

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