NOBODY likes being delayed for a flight, especially if you end up being left out of pocket and miss out on a key event and you don't even get any compensation for the hassle.

But a new app is promising to give you compensation every time your flight is cancelled, or you're delayed for an hour or more – but there is a catch.

Savvy travellers will know that under EU law, passengers can get hundreds back in compensation if their flight is delayed or cancelled.

But their chances of a pay out are often scuppered when airlines claim the disruption is due to "extraordinary circumstances", which can include things like weather.

Colibra is the bold new app that "guarantees" you a payout of between 20€ (£17.01) and 100€ (£85.06), and you'll get your money back within 24 hours.

It doesn't matter why the flight is delayed or cancelled – whether that's weather, strikes or because there's an issue with the plane.

And all you have to do to qualify is download their app and scan your boarding pass.

If it sounds too good to be true, you might be right, because there is a catch.

Colibra works by sharing any potential payout across all its users, meaning you'll get money back when you're not entitled to under EU law, but you won't get as much back when you are.


The company explained: "Imagine you download Colibra and you use the the app to opt-in for an instant and fixed flight delay compensation of 50€ (£42.53) if your next flight is delayed over 90 minutes (yes, you can choose the delay time after which you are paid).

"To confirm, you agree to our terms and conditions that in the case of a EU 261/2004 event (your flight is 3+ hours late/cancelled and the airline is responsible), you transfer your rights to receive your compensation to Colibra.

"This way, we can pay you and many other travellers 50€ each.

"In other words, you swap you right to receive a hypothetical compensation in favour of the much more democratic and probable scenario of getting a spare 50€ the moment your flight lands.

"Not just once, but every time there’s a delay and without effort or having to pay anything."

Colibra also takes a cut from the "shared pot" to pay for its services.

Is the app worth it?

It all depends on how much of a gambler you are.

If you think you're likely to be on a delayed or cancelled flight that won't give you a pay out, then Colibra is a good option as it guarantees you compensation.

But if you think your delayed flights are more likely to result in compensation under EU law than not, and you don't mind chasing, you might just pocket more money by doing it yourself.

Last year, Sun Online Travel revealed that flight delay compensation pay out is at an all-time high.

But Ryanair has been accused of rejecting almost 100 per cent of its compensation claims.

We previously explained some of the secret codes that airline staff use.

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