What does comfort food mean to you?

The foods that warm us, both inside and out, often come with a story.

For me, comfort food is my father’s enchiladas – they are a lot of work and a true labor of love. Also my sister’s overnight French toast, which she makes every Easter; my mother-in-law’s family recipe for mac and cheese, and my mother’s stromboli.

During a college semester abroad, my then-boyfriend, now-husband tucked a foil-wrapped loaf of that ham and cheese-stuffed bread into his carry-on and boarded a plane for Heathrow Airport. It was still warm when he arrived, and after a few months of British cafeteria food, Mom’s stromboli never tasted more like home.

Sometimes, the most comforting dish is whatever we need at a particular moment. A steamy bowl of soup, a warm chocolate chip cookie, a big slice of lasagna – whatever does the trick.

And it doesn’t have to be homemade. These 10 restaurant dishes will warm you right up.

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