YOU could one day stay at the infamous Broadmoor Hospital following plans to sell off part of the building.

The NHS is considering selling sections of the hospital which could then be converted into a luxury hotel.

The building is currently owned by West London NHS Trust, and could be sold for up to £250m, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

This would then be put towards the cost of a new NHS hospital.

Bids for the building could come from luxury hotels, although proposals also suggest nursing homes are also likely to be bidding on the former hospital.

The high-security hospital is known for housing patients who suffered from mental illnesses.

Founded in 1863, it was originally named Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, and has had high-profile patients including Ian Brady, the Yorkshire Ripper and Charles Bronson.

If turned into a hotel, guests could stay in the rooms which once housed the notorious criminals.

Many believe it is a prison, due to the former criminal patients and high security walls but it remains as a hospital only.

It is still a functioning hospital today, although only accepts male patients following the closure of the female ward in 2007, and can treat up to 240 people.

According to the NHS, most patients stay for up to six years for treatment for mental illness and personality disorders.

An insider told the Sunday Telegraph that there would be no risk to guests from current patients at the hospital.

They explained that there are "strict security arrangements" already in place, noting that many people already live in the surrounding area with little effect.

However, the works on the Grade II listed building would not be started until at least 2022, due to planning permissions needed in regards to the high security aspects of the building.

Other converted buildings include a fire engine hotel and one even shaped like a bum-hole.

A windmill which was once owned by the family of James Blunt is now an 11-bedroom hotel.

A luxury hotel resort in Croatia was eventually abandoned after going bankrupt, despite once being home to limitless champagne and sexy female staff.

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