JUST three countries in Europe are deemed to be "not high-risk" according to disease experts.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's (ECDC) latest map shows just Norway, Finland, and parts of Germany.

The map combines the current 14-day coronavirus rate, as well as testing rate and positive test rate, and puts nearly all of Europe in the high-risk zone.

The countries are deemed a moderate risk if:

  • there are less than 50 new cases per 100,00 over 14 days, but four per cent or higher test positive rates
  • there are between 25 and 150 new cases per 100,000 over 14 days, but less than four per cent test positive rates.

Only Greenland is in the safe green zone.

Northern Ireland and Slovakia are not included in the list due to insufficient testing data.

While the three moderate-risk countries remain off the high-risk list, the destinations have worsened since their last report.

What are the travel restrictions for popular holiday destinations?

While holidays abroad are banned until next month, here are the restrictions in place when trips can resume:

  • Spain – Mandatory two week quarantine in the UK, only Canary islands open to Brits (mandatory negative coronavirus test needed from November 14)
  • Greece – Negative coronavirus test needed from November 7
  • Portugal – Mandatory two week quarantine in the UK, only Azores and Madeira open to Brits (mandatory negative coronavirus tests required)
  • Cyrus – Mandatory two week quarantine in the UK and mandatory negative coronavirus test on arrival
  • Turkey – Mandatory two week quarantine in the UK

More of Greece is now in the red zone, while both Finland and Norway had some "safe" green zones, neither of which have any anymore.

Sadly, none of the countries are quarantine or restriction free for Brits.

Greece is enforcing mandatory negative coronavirus tests for all arrivals from tomorrow, under their new lockdown rules.

Norway requires a mandatory 10-day quarantine on arrival while Finland has closed its borders to Brits.

UK travellers are not currently able to leave the country for a holiday, following the month-long lockdown in place until December 2.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be fined £200, with fines doubling per offence up to £6,400.

Gibraltar is the only country which has no quarantine restrictions or entry requirements for British tourists.

From November 14, the Canary Islands, which opened to Brits last month, with require negative coronavirus tests to enter.

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