While just a few remain open, Brits are still urged to avoid all essential travel abroad.

The UK government has warned against non-essential travel "indefinitely" as tourists may find themselves stranded abroad with no way of getting back, or be forced to choose expensive alternatives.

Any Brits who are abroad are being warned to fly home immediately, as airlines ground flights and travel advice is likely to change at short notice.

Here are the countries still allowing British travellers to enter, as well as the latest travel advice.

The Netherlands

Bars, cafes, cinemas, museums and restaurants are closed until the end of the month, along with schools, universities, gyms and beauty bars.

However, other shops remain open while the borders into the Netherlands have only banned non-EU tourists, meaning Brits have not yet been restricted access.

The Netherlands has 18,803 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1,867 deaths.


While large public gatherings have been banned, schools, public transport as well as the airports remain in operation.

The borders also remain open to British tourists, although neighbouring countries Finland, Norway and Denmark have closed theirs to the country.

Sweden has 7,347 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 506 deaths.


Iceland is keeping schools, bars and restaurants open, but are testing every person in the country.

British tourists, along with any others, are still welcome to visit with Icelandair still operating limited flights.

Iceland has 1,562 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 460 deaths.


Schools and non-essential shops are closed but food shops and restaurants remain open.

The border between Mexico and the US is closed but other tourists including Brits can still enter as flights continue.

Mexico has 2,439 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 125 deaths.


Nicaragua is the only country in Central America to not enforce social distancing or new regulations, with parties and mass gatherings still going ahead.

Borders also remain open to all travellers, including British tourists – although the majority of flights only operate through the US.

Nicaragua has six confirmed cases of coronavirus and two deaths.


Restaurants, bars and casinos have closed across Cambodia as well as schools and tourist attractions.

The country is only restricting travellers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and Iran, although land borders between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are closed, and Brits but travel through Seoul to get to the country.

Cambodia has 115 confirmed cases of coronavirus and no deaths.


Public gatherings, sport events and schools have closed in Tanzania, but everything else remains open.

However, tourists are still being welcomed, including British travellers.

Tanzania has 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus and one death.


The country has schools and public parks, as well as encouraging social distancing.

Palau is only banning anyone from China, Macao or Hong Kong in the past 14 days, with Brits still allowed access.

Palau has no cases of coronavirus.


A state of emergency has been declared in Tuvalu, with public gatherings of more than 10 people banned.

Flights are restricted to and from the island but British travellers have not been banned.

Tuvalu has no cases of coronavirus.

European countries could soon ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the coming days.

Italy's infection rate dropped to the lowest figure since March 17 after strict and long social distancing measures.

Here are the countries still on lockdown.

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