A SLEEPING woman has been called "selfish" and "inconsiderate" after blocking passengers from sitting in two airport seats as she napped – but not everyone agrees.

The female passenger was spotted sleeping on the floor of the airport in front of a row of empty chairs, essentially barring other people from a seat.

The image was shared by Instagram account Travel Creeps, which often shares rude and badly behaved travellers.

In the caption, he wrote: "Becky, 24-year-old 'influencer' takes a moment to reflect and enjoy the stares she’s getting from her followers by selfishly taking up two seats – anonymous."

The photo received hundreds of likes and comments, with many criticising the woman for being a selfish traveller.

One person commented: "Very inconsiderate like so many travellers".

Another person added: "Shameful. What a piece of garbage. Where was airport security?

Someone claimed: "I call this woman-spreading, they use bags and things to take up as much room as possible."

Others, however, leapt to her defence saying there were plenty of other seating options in the photo.

Someone said that there were "many seats are empty in the picture" so it wasn't a big deal.

They added: "Sometimes you are so tired that you just want to lie down and sleep."

Another person said: "I would just say 'excuse me' I am about to sit on the seat so unless you want my feet on your body I would suggest you move."

Last year, a man was shamed for sleeping underneath his seat during a flight, which many people called "disgusting".

Thankfully this could all soon be a thinking of the past, thanks to "Airpods" which will let you nap in a bed at the boarding gate.

Another woman divided opinion after she used a makeshift foot hammock during a flight to sleep.

Travellers struggling to sleep can tray the 4-7-8 trick which involves breathing in different rhythms.

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