Passengers on a LOT Polish Airlines flight were asked to help pay for their plane’s repairs, according to British media outlets Metro and The Daily Mail.

The flight from Beijing to Poland earlier in November was delayed due to a hydraulic issue, which required a new pump before takeoff, according to the news sites.

After mechanics demanded cash payment for a new pump, passengers were asked to help contribute to the bill, which ran about $350. 

LOT Polish Airlines spokesman Adrian Kubicki told The Daily Mail, “An employee at the Boeing warehouse in Beijing refused to accept a bank transfer and insisted on cash … There are no circumstances that justify asking money from passengers.”

In a statement to Metro, Kubicki apologized for the incident and said passengers were compensated for the delays and those who contributed were reimbursed.

“I know that you encountered an unusual situation today, for which I would like to apologize for from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

The repairs delayed the flight for about 10 hours before landing safely in Warsaw, the news sites report.

USA TODAY has reached out to LOT for comment.

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