Caught on camera: The moment a plane passenger lets her toddler use a potty in the middle of the aisle (and while the internet is shocked, the mother has her supporters)

  • The photograph was posted to the Passenger Shaming Facebook
  • One Facebook user has commented that the act is ‘gross’ and the mother ‘nasty’
  • But another has said that if she saw it, she would ‘die laughing’ 

A passenger on a busy flight has been photographed letting her toddler use a potty in the aisle – and it’s revolted the internet.

But the mother does have her supporters.

The photograph was posted to the Passenger Shaming Facebook and Instagram pages, with hundreds of users passing judgement.

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The back story was provided by the founder of the site, former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen.

She wrote: ‘Parent brings own potty seat on board, sets it in aisle mid-flight to have child use (in front of everyone) – when discovered by crew was advised she couldn’t do this and would need to utilize the unoccupied lavatory. And her reply… “I don’t give a s***!”’

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Comments from parents flooded in, with most being disgusted, including Ms Kathleen.

She said: ‘All she needed to do was walk a few feet to the back of the plane and into the lavatory.’

Kim Lovell, meanwhile, said: ‘She’s nasty and gross for doing that.’

Gina Zanghi, meanwhile, said: ‘That child is pretty small, couldn’t she have put a diaper on them, rather than carry a potty on-board?’

And Kannika M Mungkung said: ‘This act is very disgusting in any public place, not to mention a closed environment like an airplane.’

But some took a different position.

Should the aisle of a plane be used as a lavatory? The picture posted to the Passenger Shaming site has certainly stirred up strong feelings (stock image)

Margaret McManus said: ‘Have you seen how tiny the toilet cubicle is on a plane?! Not a chance of fitting a toddler and a potty and a mum in there! Toddler wee is like a dribble of water, hardly going to send a cascading torrent down the aisle! Get over yourselves, you’d soon be complaining if the little one wet themselves while waiting for the cubicle!’

Another supporter wrote: ‘Are you all out of ur minds? This is a little kid they probably needed to pee… that pee is probably the cleanest thing on that airplane. You go mom!’

And Manda Coen commented: ‘You guys all need to lighten up, seriously. This is hilarious! If I saw this in person I would just die laughing!’  

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