A PASSENGER was left disgusted after spotting the man sitting next to him clipping his fingernails before the flight had taken off.

The male passenger was then filmed as his neighbour looked on in horror.

The video was shared by Instagram user David Kim, who was travelling on the unnamed flight.

In his story, he wrote "no, go ahead. Please clip your nails on the plane" alongside a vomiting emoji.

In the 10 second video, his neighbour, dressed in white shorted and a t-shirt, has a large nail-clipping device which he is using.

The video shows him clipping just one nail a few times, before checking it himself.

It isn't clear if he continued to clip them or not after the video ended.

Sadly, badly behaved passengers publicly grooming themselves is common on flights.

A mum was caught clipping her kids nails earlier this year, while waiting in the cabin.

However, social media was conflicted – some felt sympathy for her, claiming it was hard travelling with toddlers, while others slammed her for being disgusting.

Even worse – passengers have been caught putting their nail clippings in the seat pockets.

A raunchy couple were shamed online after caught straddling each other in their seats mid-flight.

One man was even caught weeing in public at an airport while waiting to board the plane.

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