A RYANAIR passenger was left "blistered and burned" after a flight attendant accidentally hot boiling water on him during a flight.

Thomas Mcnab, 49, was travelling from Faro in Portugal to Glasgow when the incident occurred shortly after take off.

His partner , Tonina Ciantar explained how he was scalded by hot water by a member of the cabin crew.

She told Glasgow Evening Times: "“The air hostess had the trolley next to Thomas and, next thing I knew, he jumped up and was screaming he was burning."

Tonina said "four or five cups" of boiling water spilled on the front of his trousers and his feet, before he ran to the bathroom to try and put cold water on them.

While flight crew offered gel pads and cream for the burns, she slammed the airline for not submerging the wounds in cold water, which is advised following a burn.

Thomas, who works as a taxi driver, was left "shivering" throughout the two and a half hour flight as his burns began to blister.

After they landed, he was told to go straight to hospital by medical professionals, who put his feet in cold water and bandages.

Tonina also took to Facebook, writing: "So after travelling on a Ryanair flight home from Portugal, this happens.

"The after care was absolutely horrendous after being told that he didn’t want the embarrassment of any ambulance or wheelchair did he?

RYAN AIR!!!SHARE! SHARE!SHARE! ??So after travelling on a Ryan Air flight home from Portugal, this happens…the air…

"He was giving gel pads twice and he was left to sit two and a half hours with his skin blistering in front of our very eyes.

"He was not even offered to change seats for more leg room and even charged him for his chocolate may I add!

"I have sent numerous emails which they have not responded to [and] am left with no choice but to get this out there and hopefully someone will take notice.

"It could have easily been a child."

Social media users were just as shocked by the incident.

Carol Sanderson wrote: "That's shocking Nina I hope he is ok."

Jamie Pike said: "Omg his feet should have been irrigated with cold water for approximately 10 mins before those patches were applied looks so bloody painful."

Mary Docherty said: "Same thing happened to me and my baby 12 weeks old. A sorry and no help. That was nearly 14 years ago."

What to do if burned or scalded

  • Move the person away from the heat
  • Place the burn or scald under cool running water for 10 minutes minimum
  • If the burn is to a child, larger than your hand, on the face, hands or feet, or is a deep burn, call 999
  • Remove jewellery and clothing around the area, unless stuck to the burn
  • Cover the burn loosely, lengthways with kitchen film to prevent infection
  • Don’t burst blisters
  • Monitor and treat for shock if necessary
  • Tell them to seek medical advice

Last year, four passengers were injured after a drinks trolley flew down the aisle of a plane after it wasn't secured properly.

A report emerged last month which revealed a safety breach which also caused damage to the plane.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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