RYANAIR has issued a warning it could start charging customers who use sneaky travel baggage hacks to avoid the extra charges.

The airline's Twitter account hinted that passengers could be stung if they tried to hide their belongings inside their clothes.

Hacks for avoiding the hefty cabin fees have become increasingly popular among Brit travellers.

These tricks include taking the filling out of a neck pillow and replacing it with clothes or filling a normal pillow with extra clothes, or wearing multiple layers of clothes on the flight.

Posting about the growing popularity of these travel hacks on sites like TikTok, Ryanair joked that it would start charging customers who attempted to hide things up their sleeves.

Taking to Twitter, the airline posted a picture of Finnish Eurovision runner-up Käärijä, wearing a green top with enormous puff sleeves as he performed at the final in Liverpool.

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A caption above the photo read: "If you have 8 pairs of pants up those sleeves we'll cha, cha, cha, cha, charge you."

While the joke tweet was poking fun at the title of Käärijä's song (Cha Cha Cha), not everyone saw the funny side.

One person commented: "Not even remotely funny, your fees are why people hate your airline."

While another person added: "Nothing in the terms and conditions about wearing clothing is there?"

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Earlier this month, the Ryanair social media team, which has become famous in its own right for trolling customers, also joked about introducing charges for customers who wanted to use the toilet onboard their planes.

The TikTok video caused outrage with many customers believing the charges to be real.

The airline also had a cheeky response for a passenger who had paid for a window seat but didn't have a window.

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