With its fine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and serene settings, you'd be forgiven for thinking Sardinia belongs in the Caribbean.

However the Italian island is actually located in the Mediterranean, and it needs to go on your bucket list if you're looking for that picture-perfect beach holiday.

Seriously, we're talking pristine sandy shores ranging from white sands to golden offerings, while the crystalline waters are ideal for taking a dip.

Then there are the backdrops, from charming local towns to dramatic mountainous landscapes. Basically, an intrepid explorer's paradise.

There's a reason that Sardinia is hailed as being home to some of the best beaches in Italy.

We take a look at the beaches that need to be on your radar…

1. Cala Brandinchi

Nicknamed 'Little Tahiti', this beach is the perfect example of the white sands and crystalline waters you can find along Sardinia's coast.

Tucked away in San Teodoro, the shore's shallow waters make this hotspot a hit with families, while the nearby car park makes it easy to reach.

A word of caution though; it can get quite packed during the peak travel seasons.

Want to beat the crowds? Booking.com has a round-up of the best hotels near Cala Brandinchi.

2. Rena Bianca

Rena Bianca needs to be on your radar for a full day out at the beach. It boasts swim-friendly waters, a bar serving refreshments and you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas.

It's also a short walk away from the historic Torre de Longosardo watch tower if you do fancy exploring the region – head there and you can take in some pretty spectacular views of the area.

3. Capriccioli

While Capriccioli offers up sandy shores and swim-friendly waters, it's also surrounded by picturesque rocky landscape so it can be ideal if you're looking to include a beach stop while exploring the island.

It's worth noting that the beach can still be quite busy, especially during peak travel seasons, so it's not one for those looking to avoid the crowds.

4. Is Arutas

Head to this picturesque beach in Oristano and you'll find some eye-catching, unique quartz sands.

The sea is quite shallow so it's ideal if you're planning to take a dip, while the colourful fish to be found here never fail to be a hit with visitors – bring your snorkeling gear.

There are some basic facilities such as toilets and a bar with refreshments.

TripAdvisor has a handy round-up of hotels near Is Arutas if you're planning to stay in the area. 

5. Cala Goloritze

Located in southern Sardinia, in Ogliastra, Cala Goloritze not only offers those fine sands and turquoise waters, but it's surrounded by spectacular landscape.

We're talking lush green scenery, rocky cliffs and plenty of Instagram-worthy backdrops. Spend a day on the beach or get a glimpse on a boat trip around the coast.

6. Cala Pira

With a mixture of sand and pebbles, this picturesque beach is renowned for its rock pools, scenic backdrop and shallow waters.

In fact you can find some spots for water sports like snorkeling and kayaking.

The beach can be quite busy in August but by September it gets a little less crowded so it's ideal if you're travelling outside of the school holiday dates.

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