THE raunchy Netflix series Sex Education is back on our screens with its second series, following the success of the first season.

We reveal where the show is filmed and how you can visit them yourself.

Despite many American elements to the series, the show is actually filmed in Wales in the UK.

A common scene in the TV series is Otis and Eric cycling to school, with this taking place across the Old Railway Bridge at Tintern.

Series 2 has some new locations, such as the military school where Adam gets sent, which is filmed at Margam Country Park and Castle.

We've rounded up some of the iconic locations in the series, and how you can visit them.

Otis' house

One of the most beautiful locations is Otis and Jean's house.

The wooden building that overlooks a lush forest and river is actually a B&B called The Chalet in Symonds Yat.

Sadly you can't currently stay in it but there are plans for it to open as a holiday home in the future.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in the area, there are plenty of options on Airbnb.

The river beneath the house is the River Wye.

Moordale School

The school in the series, Moordale School, is actually filmed at an old university.

It is located at the University of South Wales in Newport, which closed down in 2016.

The Caerleon campus is where most of the show is shot, with the hall scenes filmed in The Paget Rooms in Penarth.

The venue is often used for live musical performances, as it is owned by the council.

Brown's Village Stores

The shop which the teenagers often visit, and the one Adam and Ola work in, is called Brown's Village Stores.

Keeping the same name in the TV series, it is named after the owners who first opened in 1928.

Roger Brown, who has been running the shop in Llandudno since 1958, told the Guardian that they are "continuously" asked about the show.

Thankfully, he said it was "amazing" that fans were enjoying it.

Other homes include Aimee's house, filmed at Bigsweir House, and Maeve's caravan, filmed at Sterrett’s Caravan Park.

Visiting Newport is easy as it is just 90 minutes by train from London.

To get to Symonds Yat, it is another 40 minute drive from Newport.

Other filming locations are a bit further – Margam Country Park and Castle is near Port Talbot while the village store in Llandudno is in the north of Wales.

Fans of the show have spotted a cross-over between Sex Education and Stranger Things, both Netflix series.

Some viewers were left horrified by the graphic sex scenes in the first episode of the new series.

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