Sheraton Grand Phoenix will be a ‘jewel box’ for revamped hotel chain

Warmth. Comfort. Community. Those are some of the words that Marriott executives use to describe their vision for the revamped Sheraton brand once it emerges from renovations at hotels worldwide. 

And, of the 120 Sheraton hotels the company plans to renovate in the coming months, executives hope the Sheraton Grand Phoenix will be the chain’s “jewel box” to display the concepts they’ve envisioned.

Sheraton will launch a major remodel of the downtown Phoenix hotel in June, starting with updating its 1,000 guest rooms. In July, the hotel will begin transforming its lobby into a redesigned public space where it hopes guests and locals will feel at ease to “work, meet and relax.”

The hotel will stay open during the renovation, which is expected to be completed early next year.  

Creating an identity for Sheraton

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