‘When we landed, eight tyres burst and we skidded down the runway’: Singer Engelbert Humperdinck recalls his travel adventures – including a scary landing on Concorde

Singer Engelbert Humperdinck, who has recalled his travel adventures 

So what is the singer’s favourite destination and what is his earliest holiday memory? 

Here he talks about a trip to the Isle of Man, visiting Hawaii, where he plans to head to next and a dramatic Concorde experience.

Earliest holiday memory?

As I was one of ten children, my parents couldn’t afford to take us on holiday. So my earliest memory was, aged 20, when my sister paid for a trip to the Isle of Man, where I attended a song contest. I won — and that led me into showbusiness.

Favourite destination?

Hawaii. I visited first in the Sixties with my wife, Patricia, and children.

Where next?

My wife has Alzheimer’s but is recuperating slowly and starting to talk again, which is wonderful. As soon as she can board a plane, I’m taking her to Barbados.

Ever had a bad flight?

In the Eighties, I flew on Concorde. But when we landed at Seattle, eight tyres burst and we skidded down the runway. Fire engines arrived and sprayed foam all over the aircraft.

Engelbert says his favourite holiday destination is Hawaii, pictured, which he first visited in the Sixties with his wife and children 

Funniest thing that happened?

Because of my sideboards, someone once asked if I was Elvis.

What can’t you be without?

My pills. I was arrested at gunpoint in Venezuela in the Seventies for having prescription tablets with me. I was held for four hours.

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