Tourists visiting the theme park on their birthday can collect a celebration badge from their hotel or guest relations desk, which will unlock the hidden extras.

According to Theme Park Tourist, Disney Characters around the park can easily identify guests who are wearing the badge and will offer extra interaction.

This can even include signed cards or happy birthday messages from some of the cast.

Free food can also be enjoyed through the park thanks to the birthday badge.

Club Cool, found in Future World at Disney's Epcot, offer a free slush drink drink in any flavour for the birthday guest.

While normal guests can have free Coca Cola samples, including weird flavours such as apricot and passion-fruit and kiwi and mango, one guest said on a forum that they were given two free slushies for being part of the "birthday squad".

Most restaurants will also give free desserts to those with the birthday badge, such as slices of cake or free cupcakes.

Restaurants Shula's Steakhouse and Rainforest Cafe offer a free main course if you sign up for their rewards programme before a birthday, which even includes steak and lobster.

Signing up to loyalty programmes beforehand can get birthday guests free food and drink during the day too.

The Starbucks loyalty programme offers any free drink, even if it is off the menu, at the Disney Springs Starbucks, while the Earl of Sandwich loyalty programme gets the holder a free birthday sandwich.

Signing up for Sprinkles Perks will also get you a free birthday cupcake at Disney Springs, while downloading the Wetzel's Pretzels app means a free pretzel.

Guests who aren't celebrating their birthday can still get a number of free perks, such as free samples from Club Cool and free pixie dust or pirate dust while having a haircut at Harmony Barbers.

Disney World even offer guests a free game called Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom.

You can sign up for the role-playing game at Firehouse on Main Street.

It's available for both children and adults, with players given a map and pack of spell cards to defeat different enemies in locations around the park.

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