A person’s height can be one of their most defining physical characteristics. If a person’s tall, they know it. There’s no need to comment on their height because they’re already very aware of their height. Here’s a list of things to never, ever say to a tall person.

‘Do you play basketball? Do you play volleyball?’

A tall person might not automatically be interested in sports. | iStock.com

When people see a tall person, they immediately think they have to play sports where their height would give them an advantage. A common question for men is “do you play basketball?” while a common question for women is, “do you play volleyball?” Simply because an individual is tall doesn’t mean they have to play volleyball or basketball, or any sport. “It is even conceivable that a tall person may be sort of klutzy and not play any sports at all,” Real Simple’s Devon Corneal says.

‘How tall are you?’

Don’t ask a tall person their height. | Zedcor Wholly Owned/ PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

A person’s height doesn’t matter. “We are all exactly as tall as we are,” Devon Corneal of Real Simple says. Play role-reversal here. If someone asked you how tall you were, your first instinct would be to ask, “why?” Height doesn’t matter unless you want it to matter.

‘Are your parents tall?’

Don’t ask athletes or non-athletes if their parents are tall. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Again, a person’s height doesn’t matter. Trying to find the source of someone’s height doesn’t make a difference in their life or yours. Refrain from asking this question. Know that the said tall person has already been asked this question before.

‘How’s the weather up there?’

Don’t ask this cheesy question.| iStock.com/fizkes

I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Tall people know they’re tall. They don’t need reminders from others. This question has never been funny, Buzzfeed says.. Expect to get a sassy, “How’s the weather down there?” retort.

‘What’s it like being tall?’

Life is the same for tall people. | iStock.com/Deagreez

Again, another question that doesn’t matter. Life is the same for tall people as it is for short people. One is good at getting things down from hard-to-reach places while the other can fit into hard-to-reach spots. Life is predominantly the same for everyone except some may need a stool and some may not.

‘Can you move to the back for the group picture?’

Don’t ask tall people to move to the back. | iStock.com/sonatali

I’m guilty of asking my family members to do this for photos all the time. Oops! Let’s try getting tall people a chair to sit on so they can be in the front of a group picture for once. Constantly standing in the back must get old.

‘Can you move? I can’t see.’

Don’t ask tall people to move at a concert.| Dwphotos/iStock/Getty Images

My tall friend and I were at an especially crowded concert once and someone asked her to move. She replied with, “Where am I supposed to go?” Tall people can’t help that they’re tall just like other people have no control over their own height. If all tall people had to move to the back of a venue, they’d be in the nosebleed section during every event.

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