A HUGE 20-person tent so big it has been called a "castle" has won fans on TikTok – but is so popular it keeps selling out.

The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Tent was first revealed by TikTok user Ariana, who goes by the name Arianalee99.

The 20-person tent has five separate rooms, each of which can fit a queen-size mattress, and is called a "castle in the wilderness" by the brand.

While each compartment has a zip for privacy, there is also a huge middle section for socialising or cramming more people in for larger parties.

There are also 13 'windows' to let guests make the most of the better weather and even e-ports so you can connect to charge your phone.

Measuring 279sqft, the tent is bigger than some studio flats, especially in some cities such as New York.

Sharing a video of putting it up with her friends, which Ariana admitted took nearly two hours due to the sheer size, it has since been liked more than 10million times by TikTok users.

One person asked "is this a house or a three-bedroom apartment," while another joked: "I need more friends to do this."

A lot of Harry Potter fans saw something else – with one explaining: "This reminds me of the Weasley's tent from the Goblet of Fire."

However, it is so popular that it is sold out everywhere, including on Amazon.

Smaller options are available, such as an eight-person Ozark yurt for £149, or an eight-person teepee for £89.

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