HOLIDAYS to the US could be off until November, thanks to the country’s rising levels of coronavirus cases and President Trump's travel ban. 

While the UK is expected to remove  quarantine requirements on travellers arriving from up to 75 countries from Monday, restrictions on America will remain. 

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The US has had 2.74m confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 130,000 deaths, with the number of daily cases passing 52,000 for the first time yesterday.

Paul Charles, spokesperson for the Quash Quarantine group campaigning for the blanket quarantine on all foreign arrivals to be lifted, has said that it is the right thing to do. 

He told Sun Online Travel: I think it’s right that some quarantine measures stay for countries for countries with very high rates.

“I think the US will be out of bounds until November for two reasons. 

“Firstly, because of the high number of coronavirus cases and secondly, because Trump’s travel ban will likely be in place until the presidential elections.” 

According to The Times, up to 75 countries including almost all EU destinations, as well as Turkey, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand will feature, plus British territories like Bermuda and Gibraltar. 

They all have sufficiently low-risk levels of coronavirus for the Foreign Office to lift its ban on non-essential travel. 

While a large number of countries will be placed on the green or amber sections of the traffic light system for allowing entry into the UK, there are several prominent countries that are still in the red zone. 

The US, Russia and Brazil are all likely to be designated as red as a result of their high coronavirus rates, with travellers coming from these countries still required to self isolate for 14 days on arrival. 

Sweden is also expected to be on the red list.

The Foreign Office will also maintain the ban on all non-essential travel to these destinations. 

Quash Quarantine is now calling for anyone travelling from these countries to be tested for Covid-19 when they arrive in the UK.

He said: “[A quarantine] is not enough, it would be more effective to have proper test and trace.

“Visitors from red zones should be tested on arrival – due to great advances in technology, you can now get test results back in half an hour.”


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