Flight attendant Kat Kalamani spends plenty of time checking in and out of hotels because of her job — and she’s acquired a number of useful “hotel hacks” throughout the years. 

Recently the Utah-based mom-of-two went viral for sharing some of her top tips for staying clean, safe and happy while visiting a hotel with her followers on TikTok, posting a video titled “Tips While Staying at a Hotel from a Flight Attendant.” 

Since being posted on Kalamani's account, @katkalamani, on August 9, the video, above, has been viewed more than 5.7 million times and liked over 1.2 million times. 

“First thing’s first, never say your room number out loud just in case there’s anyone around and you don’t want them knowing where you’re staying,” Kalamani begins the video, insisting that everyone should be following these procedures “every single time” they visit a hotel. 

To be extra safe, Kalamani says, you should also check the halls to make sure that no one is behind you when you enter your room. When you do enter, “check if there’s anybody in the room behind curtains, under the bed, etcetera,” she says, and then lock the doors — including the top lock.

Then for the bed: Kalamani suggests checking all the seams and corners of your mattress for bed bugs. Then, “take off any decorative pillows or top comforters,” she says, insisting, “they never wash those!” 

When it comes to luggage, Kalamani advises keeping it away from the bed — taking advantage of the luggage rack that comes standard in most hotel rooms. Your suitcase has "been through the airport and it’s disgusting,” she says.

Her final tip is for those hotel rooms that don’t come equipped with a refrigerator: “Put your food in the ice bucket!” she says. 

While travel has slowed dramatically due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many people are choosing to “staycation” in their home towns and experience a change of pace by spending a night at a hotel. 

All-inclusive resorts and major hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico have also started to reopen to American tourists, implementing a variety of new safety protocols and cleanliness initiatives to ensure the comfort and well-being of their guests and staff.

If you are considering traveling this summer, be sure to consult local travel advisories and requirements first, and do not travel if you feel ill.

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