ENDEAVOUR has returned to our screens for the seventh series, as the Inspector Morse prequel starts again on ITV.

But where does most of the filming take place and can you visit?

The new series started in Venice, as Morse goes on holiday, but the series is normally filmed in Oxford.

Many well-known landmarks in the city are used as filming locations, similar to the Lewis series, although is set in the 60s and 70s.

Virgin Experiences even do themed tours for the detective series which takes you around Oxford to where some of the scenes were set.

Some scenes are not filmed in the old city – the town of Woodstock features in the show as well as the Cowley Police Station which is actually filmed in London.

Here are some of the places you can go which you can spot in the Endeavour series.

Bridge of Sighs

Oxford's Venice replica of the Bridge of Sighs is used as a filming locations in the TV show, with Endeavour walking near the arch.

Built in 1914, it connects two parts of Hertford College, and is a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Radcliffe Camera

The iconic round building which is home to the Bodleian library also features in the series as characters walk around the colleges.

Radcliffe Square, the grassy area in front of building, has been used in the series as it remains relatively un-modern.

St Cross Building

Located in the University of Oxford, St Cross Building is used for Law and English students.

It was built in the 1960s, and the modernist architecture means it fits into the Endeavour series as it has had little renovation since.

Christ Church College

In the very first episode, Morse was seen in Christ Church College in Oxford.

The location is often used for filming purposes, most famously for Harry Potter which based the Great Hall on the college.

Randolph Hotel

One of the oldest hotels in Oxford, the Randolph Hotel is often the setting of a bar which Morse drinks in.

There is now even a Morse Bar for fans of the show to drink in.

Cowley Police Station

Morse and his colleagues spend time in the Cowley Police Station, but it is one of the new places not filmed in Oxford.

It is actually filmed in Enfield in London, using the old Southgate Town Hall.

However, the hall is no longer in use, and is now a block of flats.

Midsomer Murders is another TV show filmed throughout Oxfordshire, as well as Buckinghamshire.

Other TV series filmed in the UK includes Netflix series Sex Education, which is filmed in Wales.

Death in Paradise fans will have to go slightly further to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.

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