TRAVELLERS have revealed their best hack for staying safe abroad – and where you keep your travel documents could save you time and money.

With Covid restrictions requiring people to have more documents than ever, keeping them in one place could help you in a disaster.

One traveller explained on Reddit: "Keep copies of important travel documents on your phone and in the cloud so you can always access them."

They went on to explain: "Keeping a copy of your passport and ID in the cloud is super helpful if you ever get robbed or lose the original.

"It's much easier to get your stuff replaced if you can present everything to your embassy."

Losing a passport abroad can be stressful, with embassies often requiring proof of the passport with it printed out on paper.

Having evidence of it online can save a lot of hassle.

This is also the case for vaccination passes and passenger forms which most countries now require.

Saving them on the Cloud means that even if your stuff is stolen, you will still be able to access them to be able to board your flight.

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The Post Office also warns travellers to use online storage services when on holiday.

They explain: "Travel document safety is crucial for your peace of mind. Make sure you’ve everything stored in one place by scanning all paper documents and storing them online so that you can access them from any internet connection.

"DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive are all popular cloud storage services, and all offer a basic amount of storage for free.

"Unless you’re a film editor travelling with terabytes worth of data on you, you’re unlikely to need more than 1GB for each trip."

The documents they advise having on cloud storage include passports, travel insurance, any visas and ESTAs, boarding passes, details of where you are staying and any emergency numbers and driving licenses.

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