If you fancy a letting your hair down with a few drinks on a sunshine getaway without the guilt, then allow us to introduce you to the 'drunk yoga' retreat.

The dream trip includes flights to the five-star luxury resort of Haven Riviera in Cancún, Mexico, where you'll sip and stretch with cocktails in hand.

Eli Walker, the creator of Drunk Yoga, has teamed up with CheapCaribbean to create the 'New Year, Do You Retreat', focusing on self-care, mental wellness, meditation classes, astrology readings and the all important daily drunk yoga. Count us in.

The idea came about after a friend told Eli he was only flexible enough to be able to touch his toes after sinking a few drinks, resulting in the creation of 45-minute boozy yoga classes.

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It launched with workshops in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas – but will now travel to Cancún as part of a weekend retreat taking place from February 20-23.

The day-by-day itinerary also includes 'sober yoga' (because your liver needs relaxation time too), one-on-one astrology readings with Eli and free time to explore your Instagram worthy surroundings.

The weekend break doesn't come cheap, however, with prices starting at £687 – but the bonus is the resort is all inclusive once you arrive.

It all comes with a personalised touch as Eli told Lonely Planet: "I'll be crafting games, stories, and challenges to include in this special Drunk Yoga class on the beach – Cancun edition, CheapCaribbean style – only after I meet with all participants to give them their astrology readings.

"I'll be weaving in personal insights with astrological attributes into yoga drinking games."

You can click here to book.

So the only thing you have left to decide is which of your lucky friends you'll be inviting along with you.

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