YOU can get the best view from every room in one holiday house which is able to spin 360 degrees.

The Around the Sea holiday rental in Canada is built onto a rotating platform, offering panoramic views of the beach.

Located on Prince Edward Island, you can even control the spinning through an app on your mobile phone.

This means you can watch sunset and sunrise without having to move from your seat.

However, don't expect a rollercoaster ride – a full house rotation takes around 45 minutes.

The website explains: "The speed is so slow that you wouldn't notice the movement unless you were looking out at a fixed point of reference."

They also explain why the house rotates at all: "Not only can you position the house to take advantage of weather conditions (e.g. choose between sun and shade, breeze and calm, etc.), the views can enjoyed in all parts of the house (e.g. wake up to ocean front in your bedroom or watch the sunset in the living room).

"But for Around the Sea it is so all of our guests get a variety of ocean views and can listen to the waves crashing against the shore at night."

Aside from the spinning, the home has a master bedroom with a king-sized bed, as well as a sofa bed in the main living area.

Every guest stay is given a welcome basket filled with local food, drinks and treats which can be enjoyed on the sundeck.

There is also a private path down to the beach.

You can stay for just £74 a night, although prices jump to £120 during high season.

It certainly isn't the first rotating house – one was built in 1994 in Germany called the Heliotrop which actually creates more energy than it uses up.

A rotating Lighthouse can be found in New Zealand, with the main inspiration for the Around the Sea house being the Everingham Rotating House in Australia.

Of course, Canada is off the travel list for now with the borders closed to UK travellers.

Back in 2017, a house shaped like a machine drum which rotated 360 degree was unveiled at the Ideal Home Show.

The brainchild of TV architect George Clarke, the £50,000 Rotating House is powered by wheelchair motors from eBay.

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