A GROUP of Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with riot cops after blocking the George Washington Bridge on Saturday night.

About 100 protesters took part in the demonstration, first marching from The Bronx into Manhattan on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

They continued onto the upper level of the George Washington Bridge – which connects New Jersey and Manhattan – at around 7.30pm, disrupting the traffic for about 20 minutes before being dispersed by cops.

The protesters then continued marching into Manhattan, where they converged on the nearby 34th Precinct in Washington Heights.

Six protesters were arrested following the march on the bridge, the New York Post reports.

The group were reportedly dispersed by 10pm and police reported no injuries.


Hawk Newsome, leader of the Greater New York chapter of BLM, tweeted: "Say Less. Work More. They never shut down the George Washington Bridge before."

One protester, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Post: "Look how much power we had. We sat on the bridge for 20 minutes. We shut the whole city down.

"Then we came down here and police started beating the s**t out of us.

"It’s going to take 100,000 years to clean all this up," he added.

Footage posted on social media shows the group of protesters marching across the George Washington Bridge.

The demonstrators can be seen walking and waving flags, while police cars monitor the situation.

One of the placards hold by a protester reads "Racism is a pandemic".

Most protesters seen in the video were wearing face coverings during the demonstration.

Tensions then escalated as police used their batons to get people off of the street and out of the way of traffic, Spectrum News NY1 reports.

It comes after nine BLM protesters were cited for trespassing after confronting the armed McCloskey couple in St Louis.

Mark, 63, and Patricia McCloskey, 61, were filmed brandishing their guns at demonstrators marching on St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's residence on June 28.

The Missouri couple were recorded pointing guns at the Black Lives Matter march without firing any shots but the encounter made headlines.

Footage of the dramatic incident emerged on social media as around 300 demonstrators marched through the McCloskey's neighborhood.

BLM protester Ohun Ashe revealed that she'd received such a "summons to appear in court for trespassing on private property on Portland Plaka, the street Patricia and Mark McCloskey live on."

"I had a gun waved in my face by them but trespassing is what matters?" she tweeted on September 4, two months after the encounter in the couple's gated community.

Most BLM protests are peaceful, with more than 93 per cent involving no serious harm to people or damage to property, but in some occasions they have ended up in violence and riots. 

A new report tracking political violence in the United States found the government has taken a “heavy-handed approach” to the demonstrations, with authorities using force “more often than not” when they are present.

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