ACTIVISTS dumped fake body bags outside Trump International Hotel in New York City again, speaking out against the President's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

People first dumped the mock bodybags outside Donald Trump's NYC hotel last week, in what they said was a representation of the lives lost from COVID-19.

Pictures and video show the mock body bags being lined up outside Trump's hotel in the Big Apple, protesting his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Signs with the words "TRUMP LIES PEOPLE DIE," and "#TRUMPCOVIDFAILS," were placed on the ground in front of the "body bags".

Around 30 cars circled the Manhattan block near the hotel before cutting off traffic in front of the building to start the demonstration.

"People are dying because of this incompetent president, this sick president. The whole world wants him out," one protester said as he held up a sign.

"Every day people are dying unnecessarily because we don't have testing, we don't have adequate PPE, we don't have adequate planning, we don't have adequate leadership! We need the president to resign!" he yelled.

Some demonstrators stood outside the hotel, holding up signs of their own.

"TRUMP'S LIES COST LIVES," one sign held up by a protester wearing a mask read. The words "PPE NOW!!" were written in the corner.

As of Friday, more than 886,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the U.S., with over 50,000 deaths.

In the nation's epicenter of NYC – where the demonstration took place – there have been more than 263,000 confirmed cases of the virus and more than 16,000 deaths.

A giant inflated chicken was attached to the top of one car.

Last week, a group who named themselves Refuse Fascism lined up faux body bags, with signs that read things like "THIS REPRESENTS IMMIGRANTS WHO DIED OF COVID-19 IN ICE CUSTODY" and "TRUMP = DEATH".

The protests came the same day the House passed a near-$500 billion dollar relief package – an addition to the original $2.2 trillion package passed in late March.

Along with $250 billion that will replenish a Payroll Protection Program fund that ran dry last week, included in the bill is $60 billion for small banks and grants, and $60 billion for small business loans.

The bill also includes $100 billion demanded by Democrats for hospitals and the establishment of a federal testing program.

Critics have slammed Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying he waited too long to take action.

Several governors, both Democrat and some Republican, have expressed struggles in getting supplies to fight coronavirus – including test kits, ventilators, and personal protective equipment.

A number of reports have claimed that Trump ignored warnings about the potential impact COVID-19 would have on the U.S.

One of the first reports to emerge claimed that the President ignored a warning from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, in which he warned that as many as 2 million Americans could die from the virus if no action were taken.

Trump denied seeing the report.

One New York Times report claimed that Trump ignored warnings from White House Officials and National Security Council officials from early January.

Another Washington Post report claimed that the President ignored virus warnings from the CIA in January.

Trump has shot down the reports, pointing out that he implemented travel bans from China in late January.

Weeks later, Trump announced a travel ban from 26 European countries – and days later, the ban was extended to include the U.K. and Ireland.

On March 17, Trump announced national social distancing guidelines meant to help halt spread of the virus.

Although he originally vowed to re-open the U.S. by Easter amid COVID-19 lockdowns, he extended social distancing guidelines until the end of April.

Borders with Canada and Mexico have been closed to non-essential travel, as part of mutual agreements, for a month.

As he announced a three-stage plan that should be taken as places begin to end lockdowns last week, Trump said that as many as 29 states could begin to re-open soon.

However, he said at a press conference Wednesday that he believes it's too soon when Georgia's governor set plans to re-open today.

Trump tweeted Friday that neither he nor Vice President Mike Pence gave Governor Brian Kemp the go-ahead to re-open select businesses.

Other protesters across the country have stood outside state Capitols and gathered in streets, calling for the end of lockdowns.

Protesters claim lockdowns are an overreach of their constitutional rights, and some have dubbed them "tyrannical."

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