We’ve got our first good look at Alek Minassian, the man who allegedly drove a van through crowded Toronto streets, killing 10 and injuring 15.

Thanks to his own LinkedIn page, we now have a clear picture of Alek Minassian, who is in police custody suspected of driving a van through the streets of Toronto on Apr. 23, leaving 10 people dead in its wake. The photo looks professionally taken and shows a clean-cut Minassian, 25, with no facial hair and a closely cropped dark ‘do. He’s smiling faintly in the pic and is wearing a crisp white shirt and navy jacket.  At the time of his arrest, photos taken from the scene showed that he had a shaved head and a slight beard as his face was pinned against a police cruiser when he was being handcuffed.

On his social media networking site’s page he lists himself as a student Seneca College in North York, a suburb just north of where the attack took place. At some point Minassian worked as an app developer. His LI page says that he created the Toronto Green Parking Advisor, which was meant to help people find parking spaces in the city and is available on Google Play. There’s still no known motive in why he drove down busy Yonge Street, killing 10 innocent people and injuring another 15.

Minassian allegedly deliberately drove his van into pedestrians on both the street and sidewalk at approximately 1:30pm EST. Witness said he drove with intention, hitting anyone in his path. After a standoff with police, he was finally taken into custody. At an evening news conference after the bloodbath, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said, “We are looking very strongly to what the exact motivation was for this particular incident to take place. At the end of the day, we will have a fulsome answer, and we will have a fulsome account as to what the conclusion of this is.” Saunders said that it appears the attack had no ties to international terrorism, adding “Based on what we have there’s nothing that has it to compromise the national security at this time.”

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