Anya’s Apothekere makes an unusual fermented honey sauce in three flavors: garlic, onion and jalapeño. The nutty, sweet syrup picks up notes of each ingredient added, and the vegetables pieces are, in turn, sweetened. The peppery taste of the jalapeño kicks long after a swallow, whereas the garlic is more subtle, with a strong earthy flavor that cuts under the toffee-flavored base. Anya Corson, the founder and chief executive of the St. Louis company, drew upon her culinary school training to create the probiotic preserve. The honey, added ingredients and splash of apple cider vinegar are all raw and organic, as is the wild yeast that works on the mixture over its three-month fermentation. It would make an unexpected addition to a charcuterie board, perhaps as an alternative to fig jam. Or use it as a marinade, either on its own or mixed with lemon juice or red wine vinegar.

Anya’s Apothekere honey sauce in garlic, onion or jalapeño, $11.99 each or $35.99 for a set of three,

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