THE daughters of Governor Andrew Cuomo took on Melania and Donald Trump in a very public way years before their father.

In 2018, the Cuomo girls called out President Trump's decision to separate families at the southern border and the First Lady's perceived nonchalance on the matter while attending the annual Fourth of July festivities held at Kennedy compound with their mother Kerry Kennedy.

Governor Cuomo has been doing his best to maintain a cordial relationship with President Trump amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Her and a number of other governors feel that the federal government has been lacking in their response, but have had stopped short of directly attacking President Trump.

That was not ther case in 2018 though with Michaela, Mariah, and Cara Kennedy-Cuomo, who made their point by breaking out some paint and and green jackets, on which they each wrote: "I Really Do Care."

They then wore the jackets while golf carting through the annual Hyannisport Fourth of July parade, a Kennedy tradition each year.

Those jackets were in reference to the jacket Melania wore to visit detained children at a facility at the border just one month prior, which read: "I Really Don't Care, Do You?"

The Cuomo-Kennedy gals and their cousins also carried signs during the parade that read: 'Break Bread Not Families."

Their mother Kerry posted a photo of the finished jackets before they made their parade debut.

'Happy Fourth of July! Join our chain fast 24 hours over 24 days for 2400 children taken from their families,' wrote Kerry in her post, tagging her mother, Julia Roberts and Alec Baldwin.

She then promoted the families charitable initiative Break Breads Not Families, which is being supported by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization.

Kerry currently heads the organization.

She was joined by Marco Gualtieri for the holiday, who is a member on the board of the Robert F. Center for Justice and Human Rights.

He and his friends also donned the jackets, prompting Kerry's daughter Mariah Cuomo to write: 'Marco love you baby!'

Governor Cuomo married Kerry in 1990 and the two were together for 15 years, welcoming twins Mariah and Cara in 1995 and daughter Michaela two years later.

The couple split in 2005

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