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Succeeding as only she can, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won an honorary “employee of the month” award from Goya Foods — by calling for a boycott.

At a White House event in July, CEO Bob Unanue praised President Trump as a “builder.” That prompted ex-Housing Secretary Julian Castro to call for a boycott of the Hispanic-owned food giant that hires mostly Hispanic employees.

But the big noise came when AOC tweeted out support for slapping Goya — and the company saw sales jump 1,000 percent.

Hence Unanue’s ironic honors for the congresswoman, which he revealed on “The Michael Berry Show” this week. The CEO also called Ocasio-Cortez “naïve” for claiming to support the Hispanic community but advocating for socialist policies like the Green New Deal that would kill countless working-class jobs.

By contrast, that White House event promoted Trump’s Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, which dedicates taxpayer support to improving Hispanic access to private and charter schools.

It’s hard to fault Unanue for arguing that AOC is the one who’s really going “against people of her own Latin culture.”

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