A city in Australia is starting to resemble a horror film apocalypse after being swallowed by a thick cloud of orange dust.

Mildura, in the state of Victoria, has been engulfed in a dust storm since Thursday, with some residents struggling to breathe.

Video shared on Twitter by @jayson_butcher shows the air so thick and red that the end of the street is completely obscured by the hellish dust.

“Just another day in Mildura #Drought #windndust,” he wrote in the caption.

Residents also Guardian Australia that the dust was a danger to asthmatics and was “unliveable”.

The clip has been seen more than 10,000 times since it was uploaded today.

“This looks apocalyptic,” wrote one worried user.

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“Whoa! That’s insane,” said another.

Meanwhile, someone else tweeted that the scenes look out of this world, writing: “Mars looks a bit like that…”

The embattled town was also sweltering in temperatures nudging 41C and Victoria has a code red warning for bushfires — which have already ravaged huge swathes of land and killed hundreds of animals.

Leonie, a local mum, told AAP: “The sky is literally brown, the dust in the air is just so thick.

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“The sky is now deep orange. And the wind is harsh.

“It is just atrocious. This dust, we have had it so often and it is becoming a norm for us.”

In the state of New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital, wildfires have destroyed more than 600 homes.

Two people have been killed in the bushfires with many more missing.

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Koala bears are among the wildlife to have been killed or severely burned in the fires, with harrowing video showing one screaming in pain as it is rescued by a brave grandma.

Firefighters were seen cuddling two koalas which had a narrow escape when they spotted them by chance surrounded by flames at the side of the road.

A dog called Bear has been praised for saving koalas after sniffing out the critters with a team of expert rescuers.

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