Miraculous moment motorcyclist survives unscathed after being hit by a massive lorry at a junction in China

  • Woman on a scooter was mowed down by a 12-wheel lorry in Henan, China
  • She was dragged under the chassis but managed to stay between the wheels 
  • Incredible footage shows the woman crawling from under the truck unhurt

A motorcyclist has dodged death after being mowed down by a heavy-duty lorry at a busy junction in China.

She was seen crawling from underneath the truck unscathed after it drove past her.

All of the lorry’s 12 wheels missed her, but her scooter was completely wrecked.

The scooter rider in China is seen waiting to cross the road when the red lorry approaches her

She disappears from the sight after being hit by the truck and dragged under its chassis

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The incident took place at Xiping county in Zhumadian city, central China’s Henan province.

Surveillance camera footage shows the unnamed motorcyclist waiting to cross a busy junction before the accident happened.

It’s been suggested that the scooter rider was in a blind spot of the lorry driver when the huge vehicle made a right turn.

The woman was knocked off her scooter and dragged under the chassis of the 12-wheel lorry.

Luckily she managed to stay between the wheels and later emerged from under the truck unscathed. 

The lorry driver, believed to be oblivious to the crash, makes a right turn without stopping

The incredibly lucky motorcyclist re-emerges after the truck drove past her from above 

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