Residents of Manhattan’s “Billionaires’ Row” filed a lawsuit against the city on Monday in an attempt to stop a homeless shelter opening in their Midtown neighborhood.

The West 58th Street Coalition claimed, in its Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, that the proposed shelter at the old Park Savoy Hotel is not up modern safety standards and would pose a danger to both its homeless residents and neighbors.

“That is why emergency relief is urgently needed now to prevent this shelter from opening imminently,” according to the complaint.

The project at 158 W. 58th St. was announced in February, and the city has ignored fire, crime, construction and asbestos issues, the neighborhood activists claimed.

“Not only is the building unsafe, but crime and loitering” caused by the project will lead to “irreparable injuries that have been found to warrant emergency injunctive relief to block the opening of a homeless shelter,” the lawsuit said.

A rep for the New York City Law Department said he hadn’t seen lawsuit Monday night and couldn’t immediately comment.

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