£40,000 role that really takes the biscuit: Company advertises for cookie-lover to taste test their sweet treats

  • Border Biscuits in Scotland have advertised for a  £40k a year ‘Master Biscuitier’ 
  • The new employee will have to guarantee the quality of Border Biscuit products
  • Potential candidates will have to have some pre existing knowledge of biscuits 

For many of us, it sounds like the dream job.

However, the post of chief biscuit taster requires a certain amount of specialist knowledge as well as an impeccable palate.

Just such a job is now being advertised by Border Biscuits.

Instead of number crunching in the office, the successful applicant will be munching the cookies, oat crumbles and viennese whirls and making sure they meet Border’s standards.

ABorder Biscuits in Scotland have advertised for a £40k a year ‘Master Biscuitier’

Potential candidates will have to have some pre existing knowledge of biscuits 

Not only do they get to taste all the biscuits, but the ‘Master Biscuitier’ gets paid £40,000 a year for doing so. The job also comes with free online exercise programmes – which might prove useful after a few years of committed sampling.

Border, which is based in southern Scotland, says the role is key to its operation.

It involves testing new products and flavours, but requires more than a sweet tooth, with the company also looking for skills such as ‘strong relationship building’, influencing, leadership and coaching skills.

Suzie Carlaw, head of brand at Border Biscuits, said the salary is more than justified because of the amount of responsibility that the job comes with.

She said: ‘The Master Biscuitier will be key in ensuring we maintain our very high standards, delivering beautifully crafted biscuits people love. The role is a key one within Border Biscuits.

‘There is a lot of skill used to bring all the elements together to bake the perfect biscuit.’ The company insists that applicants must have some biscuit knowledge.

The job description says: ‘Candidates must have an understanding of biscuit chemistry and manufacturing, an understanding of secondary processing of chocolate and an awareness of all relevant UK legislation, technical and industry codes of practice.’

Paul Parkins, managing director, said: ‘This is an incredible opportunity for someone to fulfil their dream of creating delicious treats every day and of course, be paid for it. The successful candidate will lead our passionate team in creating delicious ideas for new biscuit creations.’

He added: ‘We’re encouraging people from across the country to apply and look forward to interviewing some great talent.’

Among the favourites produced by Lanark-based Border Biscuits, founded in 1984, are its dark chocolate ginger biscuits and chocolate crumbles. It also produces varieties of shortbreads, sweet oat biscuits and cookies.

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