Nine-year-old Peyton Foster was wearing Skechers S-Light running when the battery got wet at school and began leaking the corrosive fluid onto his feet.

Photographs show the blisters which began developing on his tiny feet after the acid sunk into his skin.

As reported by Metro US, Peyton’s mum Sherry from New York realised that something was badly wrong when her child began complaining of pain and struggling to walk.

She said: “He wasn’t able to walk, or run, or go swimming, or anything that would cause his feet further irritation.

"We had to carry him. There wasn’t much that he could do. I felt horrible, absolutely horrible."

Sherry said: “It’s left him with a phobia of wearing shoes.”

After Peyton was injured, she got in touch with Skechers, who have offered him any free replacement pair.

But Sherry says she is still considering legal action.

Sun Online has contacted Skechers for a comment.


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