Former Weather Underground radical Judith Clark will get a new parole hearing — and a possible release from prison in the coming months — after a judge ruled that the convicted killer “has undergone a remarkable transformation over the three decades during which she has been incarcerated.”

Clark, now 68, drove the getaway car in the infamous 1981 Brinks robbery in which two New York police officers and a security guard were killed.

She sued the parole board in December for denying her release after Gov. Cuomo commuted her prison sentence from 75-years-to-life to 35-to-life.

The board ruled that letting Clark out of jail would be “incompatible with the welfare of society.”

But in his decision published Friday Judge John Kelley wrote that “Ms. Clark has taken responsibility for her actions, expressed remorse, and tried to improve the lives of her fellow prisoners, as well as many others.”

He ordered a new parole hearing for Clark within 60 days and a decision on her release 30 days after that.

Michael Paige, whose father, Brinks security guard Peter Paige, was killed in the $6 million hold-up, told The Post that he is outraged that a judge could overrule the parole board.

“It’s a travesty of justice. Judith Clark is responsible for the murder of two police officers and my father. She deserves nothing but to spend the rest of her life in jail,” Michael Paige said.

“I don’t know how a judge can do that or would have a right to do that. The parole board rendered the right decision,” he said.

Reps for the parole board did not immediately return a request for comment.

Clark’s lawyer, Michael Cardozo, said, “New York law is clear that if a prisoner is found to be rehabilitated and presents no threat to society, she should be granted parole.”

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