TWO British schoolgirls have relived the horror moment they were "drugged and dragged into bushes" before "predators filmed their gang-rape", say reports in Italy.

The 15-year-olds, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claim they were targeted after going out on the last night of their holiday because "they wanted to dance."

Cops believe at least eight people may have been involved in the sickening attack and four men aged between 19 and 23 are in custody, while another three are on bail and one other is being hunted.

Now it's been reported the young victims fear their ordeal – at a villa in Marconia di Pisticci, in the province of Matera -was filmed by their alleged attackers.

Reports from Italy say the tearful young girls told detectives they were pounced upon after going outto enjoy themselves.

“September 6 was supposed to be the last evening we spent time in Pisticci. We should have left earlier but at the last moment we changed the plans," one of the girls said according to La Repubblica.

"A local friend of ours came to pick us up at 11.30 pm to go to a party in a villa with a large garden, in Marconia di Pisticci. I had never been there."

One of the girls then reportedly told cops she felt "strange and very confused" after sipping from a free Gin and Lemon she had been handed.

She is reported to have said: ''I didn't knowingly take any drugs but I think someone put something in my second drink because after I drank it I felt awful.''

It was then she and her friend claim they were taken tonearby bushes in a field where they were raped for 15 minutes.

"He took me to the back of the house and I saw his friends following us too," one of the girls apparently said.

"I tried to go back to the party, but I remember they started kissing and touching me, pushing me towards the back."

"I don't know what my friend was doing but I remember that she was also with a boy.

"They pushed me towards a car. There were at least five of them. The area was poorly lit. They hit me and, in turn, took advantage of me.

"I told them to stop. I was shouting in English let me go. They took off their trousers and I tried to defend myself by biting the penis of one.

"A guy tried to record the whole scene with the phone, but I can't tell if he managed to do it," one of the girls reportedly added.

CCTV footage released by police showed the suspects heading towards the field and coming back shortly after, attempting to leave the villa.

News of their claims come after it was reported two rappers are being investigated over the gang-rape .

The well-known trap artists rapped 'b***h, unbuckle my belt' in a music video released weeks before the alleged attack.

Michele Masiello, 23, Alberto Lopatriello, 22, Alessandro Zuccaro, 21, and Giuseppe Gargano, 19, who were named and pictured by Italian media, were arrested and are being held in jail in Matera.

Local rappers Michele Leone and Egidio Andriulli, known on YouTube as Red Michael and Meu Deus, have also been added to the register of suspects, Italian national newspaper La Repubblica reports.

It is not clear whether the two trap artists, who are being investigated, were directly involved in the attack.

However, the newspaper says that prosecutors have named them.

Witnesses who were at the party confirmed the rappers were at the villa at the time of the alleged rape.

They reportedly arrived there with the four men who were arrested and are currently in jail, according to Virgilio.

The organiser of the party said an invitation was published on Facebook, which is why many people joined in.

He said: "We were wrong in publishing the invite on Facebook and send it to some WhatsApp groups, but we could not have imagined [what happened].

"The party was going well until at some point I saw the boys from Pisticci arrive.

"Everyone knows them here, they are a bit degenerate, even though some of them come from good families."

He added: "When I saw them arrive, I wondered what they were doing here. But then they disappeared.

"When we were serving the cake, the uncle of one of the British girls arrived and started talking.

"It was only then that we understood what had happened."

Following the rape, the victims told the sister of one of them what happened, then they returned home and called the emergency services.

The girls were taken to Madonna della Grazie hospital in Matera for a health assessment, according to reports.

The pair, who were in a state of shock, reported the incident to police, saying they had been punched before being raped, TGcom24 reports.

Officers described the rape as a ''brutal and extreme assault''.

The investigation revealed that the uncle of one of the girls was told by guests ''don't call the police or you will ruin the party'' when he went to the villa after the attack.

In an interview with local media in Pisticci, the father of one of the victims said: ''Who knows what happened at the party where my little girl was raped should speak.

''Justice still needs to be done because not all those who were responsible have been identified."

A banner was hung from the town hall with the slogan ''We are not all the same. Our community asks your forgiveness.''

Both girls are still in Italy where a fast track trial is due to take place this week.

All four of those arrested on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding deny the charges and claim the girls consented.  

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