British Airways plane's emergency slide opens on the runway

British Airways plane’s emergency slide opens on the runway as it prepares to take off at Heathrow

  • A plane’s emergency slide accidentally extended on the Heathrow runway
  • Emergency services rushed to the scene and passengers were later taken off
  • British Airways said the a new flight would be arranged for the passengers 

Heathrow Airport was in chaos today after a British Airways plane’s emergency slide deployed on the runway.

The inflatable slide extended from the plane as it was pushing back from the terminal to prepare for takeoff. 

Passengers were evacuated from the Boeing 777 plane as the aircraft sat on the tarmac at the UK’s biggest airport.

Emergency services including a fire engine rushed to the scene, with pictures showing the plane stranded on Heathrow’s runway. 

The emergency slide was accidentaly extended from the rear door of the plane on the Heathrow airport 

Passengers were evacuated from the Boeing 777 aircraft and emergency services rushed to the scene 

A fire engine and police drove on to the runway at Heathrow Airport as the plane stayed stranded on the tarmac

After emergency services arrived, the aircraft returned to its terminal gate.

Passengers onboard the flight to Lagos, Nigeria were then taken off the plane and into the airport. 

British Airways said the delayed passengers were given vouchers for refreshments and that a replacement flight was being organised.

It is not yet clear when the passengers will be able to board their flight to Nigeria.

The plane may take several hours to be made operational and ready for flight once again following the incident.

It follows another incident at London Heathrow yesterday when a BA Boeing 777-300 experienced a steering issue. 

A BA spokesperson said: ‘The aircraft returned to stand and customers disembarked normally.

‘We’ve apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused, have provided them with refreshment vouchers and have arranged a replacement aircraft so that they can continue their journey as planned.’

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