BRITS are willing to break Covid lockdown rules in order to see their loved ones after growing tired of the curbs, it has been reported.

Despite polls showing the public is largely behind the restrictions, "intimate" focus groups have reportedly "uncovered hidden truths" about how "fatigued" Britons really feel.

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One such study last week featuring both Tory and Labour voters from London, Liverpool and Birmingham showed the public had "lost faith" in the lockdown, reports the Daily Mail.

And unlike the first wave people are no longer willing to obey the rules – such as not mixing with other households or gathering in groups of more than six.

Brits are worried about the damage to the economy and are furious at high profile rule breakers such as the PM's chief adviser Dominic Cummings.

James Johnson of JL Partners, who moderated the focus group, said the responses were typical of other studies he had worked on.

He believes public opinion has turned against the government measures.

Mr Johnson says the "nuanced conversations" in focus groups involving a handful of people have revealed "hidden truths" about the current state of public opinion.

In these studies, participants spend time discussing issues compared to polls where voters are asked to give straight 'yes' or 'no' answers to questions, often online.

Johnson, who previously advised Theresa May in Downing Street, says people want to now rely on their own common sense rather than government directives.

He said voters are "fatigued" by the restrictions and are no longer willing to be obedient.

The public are angry by those in power who have flouted the "confusing" rules which have constantly chopped and changed, he says.

And it has been reported that opinion on the new lockdown measures is split within the government itself.

Ministers have been encouraged by signs that predictions of high infection rates and death tolls in the winter months may be overestimated.

This comes NHS documents show a national circuit-breaker lockdown is not needed to protect the health service.

The data — seen by The Sun — shows just 542 hospital beds are taken by Covid patients across the South.

And there are fewer than 300 patients being treated for the bug in the East of England.

Meanwhile, London had 610 ward beds with infected patients on Tuesday, compared with nearly 5,000 in early April.

Only areas already affected by Tiers 2 and 3 restrictions have more than 1,000 beds taken up by Covid patients — suggesting a targeted approach is appropriate.

In the Midlands there are 1,090 victims on wards, in the North East and Yorkshire 1,436 and in the North West 2,099.

The UK has seen 830,998 infections and 44,571 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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